TGCAHQ Members, 

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes in the healthcare environment, we recognize the dedication and impact you’ve made as healthcare quality professionals ensuring healthcare services are safe and the best for patients.  

At Texas Gulf Coast Association of Healthcare Quality, we THANK YOU for the work you do! 

As members of Texas Gulf Coast Association of Healthcare Quality, you are part of the healthcare quality community where you bring value-added ideas, best practices, and partnerships to maintain a robust regional healthcare alliance. We hope that the series of virtual webinars we provided to you throughout the year are beneficial and that whether you are working on improving safe patient care process or self-development growth, those best practices and tips shared are accessible to you.   

During the season of Thanksgiving, we reflect on the things we’ve done, the lives we’ve touched, the opportunities presented, and the gratitude we have for our profession as healthcare quality professionals. At the end, we are bound together for one purpose: learn together, promote professionalism, and impact the lives of patients we serve!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Be Safe! 

Vivian Ho-Nguyen, MBA, BS(MT), ASCP, CPHQ, ASC-CQA
President, Texas Gulf Coast Association of Healthcare Quality